Custom Cut to Size , [Winsharp Basic , , W x H 72 (Inch)] Horizontal Window Shade Blind Zebra Dual Roller Blinds


If you search for “winsharp Basic” on Amazon, you can see more different sizes of this product.



If you search for “winsharp Basic” on Amazon, you can see more different sizes of this product.

    1. Q: Is it possible to adjust the horizontal and vertical width size to fit the window blind with my window?
      A: Yes. We can adjust the size of the window blind by the 1/4 inch unit.
    2. Q: I couldn’t find a perfect fit size to my windows from the selectable list, how do I order?
      A: At first, please choose a closest larger size to the size of your windows from the selectable list.
      For example, if the size of your windows are 41w x 63h inchs, please select the [W43 X H64 (Inchs)] from the selectable list.
      Pease write the size needed in the remarks column(or via Amazon email).
      After reviewing the measurement you provided, we will manufacture in accordance with the size you requested.

Q: How do I install the window blind?
A: Please refer to the item description image(the last image) on the left side of the Amazon product page. (You can also install on wall or ceiling)

  • Q: I want to order in accordance with the size of my window. How should I measure the size?
    A: – In the case of an inside mount,(where window is not flush with the wall.)
    Please make the order size smaller about 1/2 inch than the actual size of your window each right and left .

    – In the case of outside mount(the window is installed in the same plane as the wall)
    Please make the order size bigger about 1 inch than the actual size of your window each right and left.
    (You can block the light from the gap between the window.)


= Attention =

  1. Actual size is about 1/4″ smaller than the listed width.(Except when requesting custom sizes)
  2. Please make sure you order non-FBA products if you need to adjust the size.
  3. We provide Ivory top header by default.

These blinds are a combination of sheer and solid fabric designed in horizontal stripes.The dual fabric in these blinds are placed on either side, front and back.
This serves the purpose of allowing the room to be dimly lit instead of completely blocking out the light.The sheer and opaque fabrics are placed alternatively, so sheer on sheer fabric allows visibility of light and opaque on sheer fabric blocks the light.
The fabric’s material and weaving method are different. The Price varies depending on the style and the fabric selected. Compared to other products that are woven with basic single fabric, the materials we use convey a more sophisticated because it is fabric woven with various color threads of similar tone.
The fabric used is made in Korea. These are versatile blinds that can be easily rolled up to have clear view outside.The fabric is washable and can be easily maintained for year.
We measure product sizes based on the top header. The fabric shade part is 1&1/5 inch narrower than the width of the top header. Therefore, when ordering the width and height, please make sure to include the dimensions of the mounting top header. The blinds is made in South Korea. It will take 2 business days to complete custom orders and please allow 3-5 business days for international shipping.




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