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Whats the difference between Curtains Blinds/Shades and Drapes????


In case you don’t know whats the difference between drapes,curtains, and blinds/shades, you came to the right place .


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Drapes material are mostly thicker it can range from a variety of material to block out light. I recommend drapes to be put in bedrooms for the second or third shift workers to block out the sunlight . Like curtains drapes hang from a rod or a ring,but they are refereed as blackout to not allow light into the room . Drapes aren’t heavily patterned, they typically have a solid color unlike curtains . Drapes also have pleat on the top to give drapes a uniqueness in window covering. I recommend using drapes in a bedroom to block out the light and set a good sleeping habitat.


$12.95 – $18.95

Curtains material unlike drapes aren’t as thick, their function is typically for a decorative theme . Curtains also comes in a variety of patterns unlike drapes solid color scheme. Curtains are an excellent choice in living rooms or office rooms to allow in natural light. I recommend using colorful curtains to give some life to your room, preferably in the living room/family room.


Roller shades


Blinds and Shades share the lifting mechanism, from a cord . But unlike shades they aren’t a solid length of fabric , Generally they are made with sturdy materials like aluminum,wood, or vinyl . Blinds have a unique feature called louvers which allow you to let in light or close for privacy. Blinds are also a great choice in bedrooms, really the only time to open blinds is when opening a window. Blinds are also a good choice for the bedroom, since they block out light very well. I advise a sheer curtain to go with blinds so it wont have a blind look . Shades are great light blockers but, you need to lift the shade to allow light. Shades are made from fabric, so the can be rolled or they may add a nice accessory to sheer curtains. I recommend shades in a bedroom , preferably a child’s room to give the room a uniqueness .

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